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About Us

JSC "Ekomsta" - a realible and stable company, engaged in a considerable range of construction works in Lithuania and other countries too.

The company gathered a team of professional experts with years of experience. That is why our staff works out are high quality and long warranty.

The Company's qualified professionals advise a wide range of construction issues at the request of a client comes to construction projects.

The evaluation of all technical requirements and customer needs, provide a cost-effective and technically innovative solution.

Our goal - high quality construction for reasonable price. JSC "Ekomsta" is a reliable partner, able to implement even the most daring construction or repair of customer's idea.

Our workers are trained and examined by fire safety and safety at work on construction site teaching program.

All our welders are tested and has welder's qualification test certificate: Tig-141, Mig-Mag 135/136, MMA-111

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